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Odd Man Out

Important formulae and tricks and shortcuts of Odd Man Out:

We are providing you Important Concepts and Tricks on Odd Man Out which are usually asked in almost all competitive exams like IBPS, Govt. Exams and CAT and in quantitative aptitude of MNCs. Use these below given tricks to solve questions within minimum time. These tricks will be very helpful for your upcoming Competitive Exam.


Single Numbers :

These are the easiest forms of odd man out series problems. You can easily find out the odd one in the first glance itself by checking the differences, basic rules of numbers (odd / even) etc...

Examples :

2, 4, 6, 9, 10 

1, 3, 6, 5, 7

Easy aren't they? But they are not asking such simple questions in exams. smiley


Lareger Numbers:

Here you have to follow a 3 step process. 

Try to check the basic logic first

Is there any relation between those numbers ?

Whether any specific number is related to all the numbers ?

Are the given numbers come under any specific category ?

If you can't find the odd one in the first step, then go to step 2

Here check the Squares and Cubes (also check Squares+1s and Cubes+1s). If you still can't find the odd one, then go to step 3

Try remaining Mathematical Possibilities (like tables, divisibility rules etc..)

If you are unable to find out any relationship among given options, try to find out interrelationships among the digits of each number.

These types of problems do not have any specific formulae or tricks but they can be easily solved by doing practice.


For solved problems on above formulas please visit below sections: