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Volume And Surface Area



Important formulae and tricks and shortcuts of Volume and Serface Area:

We are providing you Important Concepts and Tricks on Volume And Surface Area which are usually asked in almost all competitive exams like IBPS, Govt. Exams and CAT and in quantitative aptitude of MNCs. Use these below given tricks to solve questions within minimum time. These tricks will be very helpful for your upcoming Competitive Exam.


Volume and Surface formula for solids, sphere, prism, cuboid:

Cuboid Formula:

Let’s consider the length of the cuboid is p units, breadth is a units and height is s units. Then,

a. Volume = (p x a x s) cubic units

b. Surface Area = 2 (pa + as + ps) square units

c. Diagonal = √(p2 + a2 + s2) units


Cube Formula:

If each edge of a cube is considered to be of length x, then

a. Volume = x3 cubic units

b. Surface Area = 6x2 square units

c. Diagonal = √3x units.


Cylinder Formula:

Let the radius of base = I, height or length = m. Then,

a. Volume = ∏l2m cubic units

b. Curved Surface Area = 2∏lm square units.

c. Total Surface Area = 2∏l (l + m)


Cone Formula:

Let the radius of base = l and height or length = m. Then,

a. Slant height S = √(l2 + m2) units

b. Volume = 1/3 (∏l2m) cubic units

c. Curved Surface Area = ∏lm square units

d. Total Surface Area = (∏lm + ∏l2) square units


Sphere Formula:

If the radius of the sphere r, Then

a. Volume = 4/3 (∏r3) cubic units

b. Surface Area = (4∏r2) square units


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