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About Us

Test Mirror is an Online Testing Platform, which provides a unique platform for students to prepare for various competitive exams.

Ex-professors of IIM’s, IITian’s and ex-Bank Officers have prepared test Mirror’s questionnaire and succinct answers. A rich blend of questions ranging from simple to complex, which compel students to mould their thinking akin to what competitor, thinks while setting examination Questionnaire. Sample questions following each topic give a sense of what can be expected from that topic.

Not just students but Test Mirror aims to assist professionals eyeing Higher Studies Exams or Employment Exams of a company. Test Mirror’s simple yet effective technique can definitely help all.

In nutshell:

  1. A revolutionary approach to prepare students for all sorts of competitive exams – Bank PO, IIT, AIEEE, CAT, MAT, XAT, GRE, etc.
  2. All chapters explained in an informative manner followed by sample questionnaire of that topic.
  3. Plethora of Questions with descriptive Answers on all chapters for every subject.
  4. Nation-wide exam giving students their National as well as State rank.
  5. Forum to discuss different topics or ask questions to other students.
  6. Offer information about various scholarship programs all over India.
  7. Offer timely information about all completive exams.


"Mirroring the true potential of students and to enhance their thinking power to maximize their intellectual horizon."
Test Mirror’s aims to be the quintessential in the field of digital education in India. Its Online Exam platform is a tool to engage students to prepare them for any competitive eventuality. Test Mirror sole purpose is to make students, professionals learns and grows. As all competitive exams going digital way, it is the best way to teach students for the future.


Test Mirror’s mission is to be one of the trusted brands among students and professionals. We want to revolutionize the way students in India prepare for competitive exams. We want them to excel in their endeavor by acting as a catalyst. Everyone at Test Mirror seek a best possible way to support students/professionals in their growth. Test Mirror’s only purpose of existence is to instill passion into students to reach for a higher goal in life.