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CFA Exam

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme is a professional course offered by the US-based CFA Institute. The programme aims to grant ‘CFA charter’ to investment and financial professionals to help them further their career goals.

A candidate who successfully completes the programme, is declared ‘CFA charterholder’. There are over 1.2 lakh CFA members across all countries ( actually 35 countries till date) in the world.

In India the CFA exam is held at four metropolitian cities i. e. Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Bangalore.

The CFA Institute was formerly the Association of Investment Management and Research, holds a series of three exams, which the candidate can clear in four years. The program covers a broad range of financial aspects including, Investment Management, Financial Analysis, Stocks, Bonds and Derivatives.


The candidate must possess an international travel passport.

The candidate must be a be a final year bachelor’s degree student or graduate.

He/ She must possess four years of work experience.


The program  course is divided into 3 Levels:

I: Focus on basic knowledge of ten topic areas and simple analysis using investment tool.

II: Emphasis on application of concepts and investment tools with the focus on valuation of all THE assets.

III: Focus on applying all the methods and concepts learned for effective portfolio management and wealth planning.

Following are some syllabus related topic so that you can prepare for CFA Exam: