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Methods Taking Parameters - Questions and Answers


Practice these Methods Taking Parameters under Java Programming walk-in interview Questions/ examination questions with best tricks and short cuts with solution. Student (candidate) who want to crack the walk in interview, competitive exams and want to find short cuts and tricks to solve questions on Methods Taking Parameters for following purpose.

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Here is list of Questions and Answers covering all key area of  Methods Taking Parameters topic of Java Programming:


1. Which of these data tupe can be used for a method having a return statement in it?

Answer: Option D


2. Which of these statement is incorrect?

Answer: Option D

Even if a method is returning a value, it is not nessaccry to store that value.

3. Which of these can be used to diffrentiate two or more methods having same name?

Answer: Option D


4. Which of these is the method which is executed first before execution of any other thing takes place in a program?

Answer: Option C

If a static method is present in the program then it will be executed first, then main will be executed.

5. What is the process of defining more than one method in a class differentiated by parameters?

Answer: Option B

 Function overloading is a process of defining more than one method in a class with same name differentiated by function signature i:e return type or parameters type and number. Example – int volume(int length, int width) & int volume(int length , int width , int height) can be used to calculate volume.