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Object Class - Questions and Answers


Practice these Object Class under Java Programming walk-in interview Questions/ examination questions with best tricks and short cuts with solution. Student (candidate) who want to crack the walk in interview, competitive exams and want to find short cuts and tricks to solve questions on Object Class for following purpose.

– Anyone who is wishing to increase their perfect knowledge of Object Class of Java Programming.
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– Anyone who is preparing for aptitude test or competitive exam or entrance exam.
– Anyone who is preparing for entrance examinations and other competitive examinations.
– All Experienced, Freshers and Students.

Here is list of Questions and Answers covering all key area of  Object Class topic of Java Programming:


1. Which of these keywords cannot be used for a class which has been declared final?

Answer: Option A

A abstract class is incomplete by itself and relies upon its subclasses to provide complete implementation. If we declare a class final then no class can inherit that class, an abstract class needs its subclasses hence both final and abstract cannot be used for a same class.

2. Which of these class is superclass of every class in Java?

Answer: Option B

Object class is superclass of every class in Java.

3. Which of these method of Object class is used to obtain class of an object at run time?

Answer: Option C


4. Which of these method of Object class can clone an object?

Answer: Option C


5.  Which of these class relies upon its subclasses for complete implementation of its methods?

Answer: Option


6. Which of these keywords can be used to prevent inheritance of a class?

Answer: Option D

Declaring a class final implicitly declares all of its methods final, and makes the class inheritable.