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Wildcards - Questions and Answers


Practice these Wildcards under Java Programming walk-in interview Questions/ examination questions with best tricks and short cuts with solution. Student (candidate) who want to crack the walk in interview, competitive exams and want to find short cuts and tricks to solve questions on Wildcards for following purpose.

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Here is list of Questions and Answers covering all key area of  Wildcards topic of Java Programming:


1.  What is use of wildcards?

Answer: Option A

The wildcard can be used in a variety of situations: as the type of a parameter, field, or local variable; sometimes as a return type (though it is better programming practice to be more specific). The wildcard is never used as a type argument for a generic method invocation, a generic class instance creation, or a supertype.

2. Which of the following keywords are used for lower bounding a wild card?

Answer: Option B

A lower bounded wildcard is expressed using the wildcard character (‘?’), following by the super keyword, followed by its lower bound: 

3. Which of these keywords is used to upper bound a wildcard?

Answer: Option C


4.  Which of these is an correct way making a list that is upper bounded by class Number?

Answer: Option A


5. Which of these is wildcard symbol?

Answer: Option A

 In generic code, the question mark (?), called the wildcard, represents an unknown type.