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Pie Chart 8 - Questions and Answers


Practice these Pie Chart 8 under Pie Chart walk-in interview Questions/ examination questions with best tricks and short cuts with solution. Student (candidate) who want to crack the walk in interview, competitive exams and want to find short cuts and tricks to solve questions on Pie Chart 8 for following purpose.

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Here is list of Questions and Answers covering all key area of  Pie Chart 8 topic of Pie Chart:


Directions to Solve

The gross investment of Life Insurance Corporation of India(in crore of rupees) in different sectors are shown in the pie chart given below, the letters denoting the various sectors are : 

A = Private sector 

B = Socially - Oriented sector(Plan) 

C = Socially = Oriented sectors(Non-Plan) 

D = Securities guaranteed by the central government 

E = State government securities 

F = Central government securities 

1. The Percentage of gross investments in State Government Securities is nearly :

Answer: Option A

Required percentage = 110/1539 * 100 = 7.1%

2. The investment in Socially oriented sectors(plan ai plan) is... than the investment in the Government Securities(central and the state) by...

Answer: Option B

BC - EF = 565 - 564 = 1 1 core more.

3. The ratio of the area of the circle above BCD to the area of circle below it is nearly :

Answer: Option A

Area CDEF/Area CBEF = (183 + 454 + 110)/(107 + 458 + 227) = 747/792 ≈ 1

4. The central angle made by the sector indicating the investments made in the socially oriented sectors is nearly.

Answer: Option B

Required angle = (107 + 458)/1539 * 360 ≈ 132 o

5. The investment in Private Sector is nearly how much percent higher than the investment in the State Government Securities?

Answer: Option A

Percentage increase = (183 - 110)/110 * 100 = 66.36%